Wednesday, 5 February 2014


hey everyone!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while!
been so busy with work, and recently getting a new tattoo for my collection

For the past few weeks, I have been saving money up for a new tattoo :) 
and finally I got it done!

It is a piece from my all time favorite anime show when I was a kid, its called Sailor Moon
It''s all about a high school girl who is a Sailor Scout, who is sworn to protect and defeat evil! Until they cancelled it :( But the memories will always live on :) 

Here is the finally look :) and I have to admit I couldn't be happier with it, I sat 3 whole hours through, and it was worth all the pain. Currently a bit sore, but I can deal with it. I will post a newer picture once the swelling has gone down! 

Anybody else got some tattoo's they're happy with? 
Would love to see!

Soon I will do a tattoo post, showing you all my collection of tats, I currently have :) 


Monday, 27 January 2014

My Morning Routine

good morning everyone!
so, I know i'm late on my first official post
(great start!)

This morning is going to be about...
My Morning Routine!

So, when I wake up,  I always wash my face, with one of my favorite products which is Simple facial wash, to reduce any black heads, and help to get rid of any dirt that's hiding away on my skin, and it's a great way to start with a nicely new refreshing face. 

I then moisturize, with Simple rich moisturiser, which makes my face feel so soft, and it gives my face and neck all the vitamins it needs to keep it in good shape, and I hardly get any spots or any back heads just after these two steps. 

Now most times, I hardly wear foundation, due to the job I work, I'm a barista, and trust me there is nothing worst than running around and starting to look like the joker. But when I'm not working, I use Wake Me Up, Rimmel foundation, It's the best foundation I have ever worn. Has great cover up, blends in so well with you facial color and it's so natural, hardly anyone knows I wear it sometimes. 

I love my mascara, but I don't have a favorite. The current ones I'm using at the moment are extreme black X Volume mascara flash, by Rimmel, I use this one when I'm not working, just because I know it's not very stable for hot conditions. And my other mascara is 100% waterproof by Rimmel as well, this mascara saves my life, especially when I'm working for a long period of time, it never runs, never smudges, it's a dream!
Now for my eyeliner, I have 4 different types, 2 are liquid eye liners, 1 is a pencil and my other one is a pen. I love my eyeliner, and I always find it difficult to find the right one, that's going to be stable as well as looking good for working, and it has to be long lasting. And I only have one eyeliner that has all those boxes ticked. It's my Autograph quick dry pen, from Marks and Spencer, It's been a life saver, never had any problems with it, and I never go for Marks and Spencer products, the only way I got this, was because my mother works there, and gets me some little bits and pieces. 

So, after I have applied my mascara and eyeliner, that's really my look, I don't wear blush or eye shadow, just because I don't see the need to wear those add on's. I like to keep my make-up simple, easy, and quick to do. Because I am not a morning person at all, I would rather sleep all day than going to work. 

That's pretty much my morning routine, simple, quick and easy :) Here's a picture of my final look 
Hope you enjoyed this little read!

Cya on Friday!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

First blog!

Hey Guys and gals! 
Today is a start to something new, helpful and interesting.
Beauty and lifestyle tips, and it won't be like other blogs, I can ensure you.

Every week, I will be posting on behalf for the girls and the boys.
Fashion tips for the guys as well as hairstyles from wax to straightening! Which will be demonstrated on my lovely boyfriend, but the make-up and lifestyle tips will be for the girls by me.

I also will be posting my top 5 favorite make-up and hair products, rating them, and even showing you the before and after shots with you. 
I will be posting every Friday and I do hope you enjoy!